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Landlords Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safe London engineers are gas safe registered and therefore qualified to check all gas appliances and provide gas safety certificates to both landlords and homeowners. Our aim is to provide a clear and professional service, which is prompt and efficient at a minimal cost. Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, it is important to have all of your gas appliances checked annually for safe operation and to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

During inspection we will ensure:

  • The appliance is functioning correctly
  • No carbon monoxide is being produced
  • Dangerous gasses are being removed safety
  • All ventilation paths are clear
  • Safety mechanisms are operating as expected

Once a gas safety inspection has been carried out you will be issued with a gas safety certificate which will detail the address of the property inspected, the registration number, name and signature of the engineer who performed the inspection, and explanation of what checks were carried out, any defects which have been identified and the action which has been taken or is required and that it meets the correct safety standards.

What are a landlord’s responsibilities?

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, all landlords have to arrange maintenance by a Gas Safe Registered engineer for all gas appliances, pipework and flues. An annual gas safety check must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer every 12 months. Copies of checks must be kept for 2 years, with copies issued to each new tenant within 28 days of them moving into a property.

Who can carry out gas safety checks?

Under the Gas Safety Regulations only Gas Safe Registered engineers can be used to carry out checks and issue gas safety certificates. There has been some confusion as it used to be Corgi. However, the Gas Safe Register took over running the scheme in April 2009.Not all Gas Safe Registered Engineers are competent in all areas of work. The HSE advise that landlords / homeowners check that the Gas Safe Registered engineer is competent to work on that specific area of gas. Some gas engineers may be competent in boilers but not fires. It clearly states what an engineer is qualified to work on at the back of their card. At Gas Safe London, we hold competencies in boilers, cookers, fires, gas pipework and combustion analysis (the measurement of flue gases).

Should I provide my tenants with a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm?

This is strongly recommended but is not a legal requirement. However, as they are available for £20-£30 and take a matter of minutes to install, it is advisable. Any alarm fitted should comply with British Standard EN 50291. Alarms are not a substitute for an annual gas safety inspection, which must be carried out regardless of any alarms installed.

Should I provide my tenants with a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm?

A visual check must be carried out between tenancies to ensure that none of the gas appliances have been tampered with since the last gas safety inspection. If anything has been altered, or indeed the tenant has put in a gas appliance of their own, a Gas Safe Registered Engineer must be brought in to test and issue a new gas safety certificate.